About us

CX Hatchery & Associates Limited

CX Hatchery and Associates is a business transformation consultancy firm that partners with organizations to increase profitability through Business Process Re-engineering and Customer Experience Management Frameworks.

We collaborate with you to co-create solutions aimed at creating value.

  • Enhancing your customers’ experiences through curated service acts
  • Increasing employee engagement to deliver on your brand promise
  • Enhancing your processes to deliver value
  • Identifying the missing link between your technology, your people, and your processes

To be the Business Transformation Consultancy of choice


We partner with businesses to create value from the symbiotic relationship inherent in people, processes, and technology.

Core Values

We value Passion, Integrity, and Teamwork. Our values form the acronym PIT. As is synonymous with a pit protecting a seed until such time when it is ready to germinate, we partner with you to come up with bold, innovative, and creative ideas; protecting your interest and supporting you to grow and create value.



We are customer obsessed. Together we find solutions that are bold, innovative, and creative. 




Being ethical is a priority for us, you can trust that we have your interest at heart.


We believe that the sum is greater than the individual, therefore together we create something greater.