Physically Challenged Individuals Cannot Have Fun!!!

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Physically Challenged Individuals Cannot Have Fun!!!

I am Ahimaa, (pronounced a:hi:maa). I am physically challenged; I sometimes walk with the assistance of a prop due to a polio infection in my early childhood. I am a 45 year old female network engineer in the Telecom industry, my office is within the business district of Accra. I love dancing to great music in my chair in public but on my feet at home, despite my physical challenge, and I love the melodies of a good live band ensemble with great acoustics that will not send me to the ENT specialist.

Friends had recommended this great outdoor entertainment venue that features live bands on Friday and Saturday nights, and public holidays. According to them, patrons were easy on the eye and service was excellent yet relatively easy on the pocket.

We planned a girls’ night out one Friday night, the venue was this much touted great outdoor entertainment place.

To my chagrin on my arrival, I realized, access to the sitting area which is raised above the actual entrance were wooden planks in the form of stairs ……no consideration for the physically challenged; utter disregard to one important basic need of the physically challenged…mobility!!!!

Thoughts running through my mind were …

How am I to traverse to the sitting area? Which of my girls can I call to come down to assist me? (Knowing I am more time conscious than any of them, I was so sure none had arrived). Do I seek assistance from the bouncers standing a few meters from me, oblivious of my predicament?

While debating on what to do and pretending to be looking for a contact on my phone to make a call, two of my girls arrived and graciously helped me across the monstrosity of a wooden stair, in my view as a physically challenged individual.

In addition to my discomfort, I had to endure the sympathetic stares of other patrons as I was helped up…. the very thing independent physically challenged individuals abhor……Sympathy!!!!

Now, I had to ensure at least one of the girls stayed sober to assist me descend the stairs on our way out, thus I watched her alcohol intake🍹 with eagle eyes.
Though I had mad fun, I will only go back once they become disable friendly.

If you happen to know these lovely folks, kindly inform them that the Physically Challenged love having fun too 😉, mind you, we are just abled differently!!!

REFLECTIONS – Customer Experience Management (CXM) as Business Transformation Tool
Repeat business is necessary for a healthy bottom line, consequently, a great experience aligned with brand promise is essential. As Ahimaa intimated, until the challenge is fixed the establishment has lost a potential business and possible negative reviews from Ahimaa.

What is the FIX?
Enables the isolation of attributes and needs of your typical customers within your selected Segment to enable a branded experience.
Brings to bear the impact of your processes on your customers’ ability to consume your service/product, this enables the elimination of pain points.
Customers’ perception of your offering, this enables you meet their needs effectively and serves as a differentiator.

Used as continuous improvement tools, all three must be revised periodically through Customer Insights due to changing needs and new clientele to transform the business.

What CXM Gaps did you identify?…….#CXDIALOGUE!!!

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