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The Airline Experience II

The Airline Experience II Power and might belong to our God forever and ever Amen…..” Out of the darkness and dead silence came this song from some ladies at the back of the plane. I believe they meant well, hoping it would lessen the fear, rather it intensified my anxiety.…
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The Airline Experience I

The Airline Experience The usual airplane chatter had ceased, and there was dead silence except for the sounds of the aircraft shuddering and luggage moving in the overhead compartments. This was an encounter with my less preferred local carrier. Customary to this airline is anything from delayed flights to canceled…
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Great Restaurant Experience II

Great Restaurant Experience Great Restaurant Experience Part II  I am a sucker for details when it comes to anything related to #customer experience, I have had ordinary #restaurantexperiences in places you would expect better, however, the following elements sold me. I am Ahimaa (pronounced a: hi: maa), I recently had…
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Great Restaurant Experience Part I

Great Restaurant Experience Great Restaurant Experience Part 1 I recently had an unexpectedly great #restaurantexperience. There have been a few not-so-good experiences in restaurants I was expecting better, so expectations were nonexistent, however, the entire experience from beginning to end was pleasurable. I am Ahimaa (pronounced a: hi: maa), a…
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The Car Washing Bay Story

My childhood friend Dr. Phil called me one morning excitedly, saying, “I have a great Customer Experience story for your blog, this is a very simple story about a car washing bay, but it was a great experience for me”. I am Ahimaa (pronounced a: hi: maa), a Customer Experience…
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The Suspended Bank Teller

The Suspended Bank Teller I am currently on a four-week suspension for poor service delivery due to customer complaints about my service attitude. In the past quarter, I have received a couple of warning letters from Human Resources and attended customer service training to improve my service attitude. I am…
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