Great Restaurant Experience II

Great Restaurant Experience

Great Restaurant Experience Part II

 I am a sucker for details when it comes to anything related to #customer experience, I have had ordinary #restaurantexperiences in places you would expect better, however, the following elements sold me.

I am Ahimaa (pronounced a: hi: maa), I recently had a great #restaurantexperience at #noblehouseghana which was recounted in my December 2022 LinkedIn publication titled “Great Restaurant Experience I”. This is a sequel to the earlier story.

Google map plotting was accurate regarding the best route and duration of the journey, this was key because, in my part of the world, I have had interesting experiences with google location plotting of some establishments where I found myself practically driving in circles and resorting to old school by asking good Samaritans for directions.

The restaurant is situated on a busy highway but is easy to locate. It has great signage, enabling customers to quickly indicate that they are making a turn, avoiding abrupt turns, and being a nuisance to other road users.

Parking can be bothersome for some drivers particularly when it demands parking in a demarcated spot.  However, their security men make it easy; they beckon you the moment you turn in and politely and skillfully assist you. Atypical of the proverbial Ghanaian security man-assisted parking, who seem oblivious of your presence until you are done parking and out of the car, then they leisurely walk to you and rudely request you to park well or move your car.

The elevator to the restaurant was smooth, devoid of groaning and creaking which sends your stomach into backflips and sets your teeth on edge. It also had a good mirror which affirmed your fairer self, and the right lighting for the picture-perfect selfie.

The look and feel of the ambiance had harmony and balance (feng shui on my mind). The outdoor seating was bright and airy with lush greenery.  There was seating available for both lounging and dining, well-spaced to allow for privacy yet great use of floor space. Indoor seating was stimulating as well; the air was fresh, and the air conditioner’s temperature was just right; neither too cold nor too warm. The volume of music was at the right decibel, audible enough to enjoy and sing along, low enough to have a conversation without straining your vocal cords, and loud enough to have a private conversation devoid of eavesdropping.

Cutlery was clean and shiny without smudges, glassware was clean and spotless, plates were without chips and cracks, and tablecloth and table napkins were fresh and clean. The table piece was neither monstrous nor excessive but proportionate to the table size. Table condiments were not stale, and the holders were functional. Toothpick and table tissues were available and not being rationed…YES RATIONED!!!! I have had experiences in some supposedly fine-dining restaurants where these basic items were not on the table, and when requested it took a lifetime to receive them.

The attitude of the staff was genuinely pleasant; smiles were not contrived but warm. They seemed to genuinely enjoy their work, not because of gratuity. Their attitude towards all customers was consistent; welcoming, warm, and friendly. Waiters and waitresses looked well groomed; clean fingernails, and no body odor, and their uniforms were spick and span. Their waiting skills were exceptional, they were readily available when needed, yet out of sight to give you privacy.

Last but not the least, they had a full range of payment options that made bill settlement hassle-free.  After such a service you must be hard-hearted not to give a gratuity of gratitude.

A few months down the line I still talk about the great experience, Interestingly I neither remember details of the food (except for the shito of course) nor the cost of service, however, I remember how they made me feel, so any time I think of Chinese cuisine…. your guess is as good as mine.